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Aggression. Puppy problems. Bad Manners.

We help dogs become well behaved members of your family!


Orlando Dog Whisperer provides in-home dog training and dog obedience training for dogs of all ages and breeds. Customized dog training classes with Orlando Dog Trainer, Mariah Hinds are available in your home environment.


Our Dog Training Approach:

Our  personal experiences with dog training and the current data regarding the science of dog training leads us to the belief that reward-based dog training and training dogs without physical force is the most effective method of dog training. In addition to teaching dogs what behaviors are desirable, we have found that it is more effective in teaching a dog what behaviors are undesirable. Read more about our dog training methods.


“Mariah definitely hits the mark with her positive reinforcement and patience while training the humans and the dogs in the house.” -Michelle G.


Yes, we can fix it:
Orlando Dog Trainer

Potty training
Excessive barking
Jumping up
Unwanted chewing on objects or people
Leash pulling on walks
Not coming when called
Door dashing and running away
Counter surfing / stealing food off the counter

We offer:

In home Basic Obedience training
In home dog boot camp
Puppy training and socialization
House & Crate training
Potty training
Advanced Training

 Yes, We Can Help!

Biting and growling
Dog Aggression training and aggression towards people or dogs
Separation anxiety
Fear or Compulsion Disorders

 “Our goldendoodle was having problems with guarding food, treats and toys, he was growling and snapping at us as well as having general problems with basic manners. Mariah worked with him and he is like a new dog. He is following our directions and we are all so much happier.  I would recommend Orlando Dog Whisperer to anyone!” -Lydia L.

Orlando Dog trainer, Mariah Hinds with her dog, Jada doing competitive dog obedience.


Orlando Dog Training Areas serviced:

We service a 10 mile radius from 408 and Semoran. Our service area includes Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, East Orlando, Oviedo, Metrowest, Altamonte Springs, and Winter Springs. Visit our service area map.

Contact Orlando Dog Whisperer at 321-946-1035!