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 Puppy training orlandoContrary to popular belief, puppies do not know right from wrong.

  • They understand safe versus dangerous. When a new dog or puppy comes into your home, he or she does not know that it is wrong to go potty in the house. Don’t make the mistake of teaching the dog that it is dangerous to use the restroom in front of you.

Feed your dog or puppy on a schedule.

  • If things are being consumed throughout the day then your dog is going to need to go randomly throughout the day.

Fifteen minutes after your puppy drinks water, take your puppy outside.

  • Also, take the puppy out every time the puppy wakes up from a nap, after eating and after playing unless the dog is crated. Due to the lack of activity, puppies do not need to go as frequently when they are crated. Increase the time in between gradually. Soon you should be able to take the dog out every 2 hours, then 3 hours and so on.

puppy training classes orlandoLook for signs that your puppy needs to go.

  • All puppies show subtle signs of when they need to go potty. Some puppies sniff, some puppies try to find a quiet spot where they can be alone, some puppies gets ants in their pants. Once you figure out what your puppy’s signal is, you can prevent most accidents.

Pick one door that you will use to bring your puppy outside to go potty and pick one area where you want your puppy to go potty.

  • During (not after) the act of peeing or pooping outside say “go potty” and genuinely praise your puppy or give the puppy a treat.

Kennels and crates are very helpful for potty training.

  • Feed your dog in the kennel to prevent accidents in there. Dogs don’t pee where they eat. The kennel should be big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around, but not large enough that they can pee in one corner and sleep in the other. Each dog should always have their own kennel for acclimation purposes, potty training and several other reasons.
  • puppy potty trainingThe reason I do not suggest gating off a small room such as a laundry room with pee pads is because the puppy will not learn to hold it and it is impossible to potty train your puppy unless you also training the concept of “holding it”. The fastest way to do this is by using a crate. Puppies will not go where they sleep and eat so they will learn to hold it. The exception to this method is if you plan to use pee pads or a synthetic potty grass for the life of your dog, then you would not need to use the crate method.
    • Why should you crate train your dog?
      • Whether in your home, at the groomers or at the veterinarian’s, at some point in your dog’s life your dog will be in a kennel. If your dog’s first experience with a crate is in a completely new environment, then that is additional stress that could have been avoided by simply having a crate.

Clean up all accidents immediately with a dog or cat urine cleaner.

  • It neutralizes the odor so your dog is not attracted to return back to the spot to do their business. You can also use a black light to see if the entire stain has been cleaned up by the product. Any residue will glow a faint yellow color in the dark.
Puppy trainers Orlando

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When you cannot supervise your puppy, place your puppy in his or her crate with a great toy or chew bone. 

  • It is a lot easier to prevent problem behaviors then it is to fix behaviors that have happened repeatedly when the puppy isn’t supervised. Placing your puppy in the crate while you take a shower for the first 6 to 9 months is really worth it since you gain 10-12 years of appropriate behavior in the future! 

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